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We offer services related to the production of plastic mouldings.

  • design of a plastic product, according to your idea we will design a product so that injection moulding technology can be produced
  • creating a computer 3D model in the form of so-called 3D printing, for your idea, you can make a model on which you can test the functionality, dimensions, appearance and other features that you expect from the product
  • form construction in 2D and 3D Softwares
  • form production on modern machine tools
  • form testing
  • serial production of injected plastic parts from all common thermoplastics
  • montage, assembly and packaging of mouldings
  • printing of products by screen printing or pad printing (tampo print)
  • mould and form testing
  • small series production
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Summary of input information and requirements

We will discuss your needs and complete issues with you precisely


Analysis & design

Data evaluation and design

Thanks to a detailed analysis, we will propose the best solution for your requirements



Demand solution and output preparation

Complete manufacturing of products and delivery to you!

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